Friends say: – “Steffi and Samuel came from different worlds”

Murder victims from Bad Leonfelden and perpetrators lived in neighboring towns in Upper Austria. The young people from Mühlviertel only knew each other for a short time and because their social origins are so different, friends ask themselves: “Why were the two together at all?” Experts question gambling addiction and schizophrenia as possible triggers.

“Why was Stefanie traveling with Samuel? They came from different worlds!” In Schwertberg, the home community of Stefanie R. (19) and in the neighboring home town of Samuel Z. (18), this question is omnipresent. The popular HTL model student from an entrepreneurial family and the unemployed, financially disadvantaged car freak, whom former classmates call the “victim type”. Described himself as a gambling addict, a mutual friend brought them together three weeks ago. When Samuel picked Stefanie up on Saturday evening, the parents didn’t know with whom the children were going where. It was well known that Samuel, who was filmed stealing money in the village shop, liked being in the casino in the Czech Republic. He describes himself as addicted to gambling. Suffered from schizophrenia“The word addiction should not be used lightly. It is a disease that develops over months, usually years. Just because someone plays a lot for a while and loses a lot doesn’t mean they’re immediately addicted,” says Primar Kurosch Yazdi from the Neuromed Campus in Linz. Since Samuel has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, he says: “Schizophrenics are no more susceptible to gambling addiction than other people.” Because of the illness, a decision will be made on Tuesday about whether he will be held in custody or detained in forensic psychiatry. “Anyone who suffers from schizophrenia does not have a split personality and is not automatically dangerous,” says psychiatric primary Beatrix Lugmayer from the hospital in Vöcklabruck. The brain of sick people transmits too much information. As a result, sufferers often have perceptions and experiences that those around them do not realize. The brain searches for explanations and often finds absurd connections that seem logical to the person concerned. Concentration disorders, anxiety disorders and delusions are possible symptoms. The fact that Samuel freaked out, hit Stefanie in an argument, dragged her out of the car when she wanted to flee with it, but got stuck backwards in the snow and he then hit her with the snow pole is not necessarily due to schizophrenia attributed.
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