Fritz Puppel: co-founder and guitarist of the rock band City is dead

Fritz Puppel
Co-founder and guitarist of the rock band City is dead

Has been an integral part of the band City since 1972: Fritz Puppel.

© imago/Martin Müller

The rock band City mourns the loss of one of its founders: guitarist and composer Fritz Puppel has died at the age of 79.

The German music world reacts with great sadness to the death of Fritz Puppel (1944-2024), one of the founders and leading lights of the rock band City. Puppel founded the legendary band in 1972 together with drummer Klaus Selmke (1950-2020) in the GDR and was an active member of the group until the end. Like the band announced on their website that the musician died on February 10th.

Musical colleagues are “stunned”

The statement about the stroke of fate says: “We are at a loss for words and we are stunned, as we are losing our friend and comrade of over 5 decades. And in general, the German music world is missing another creative mind who can do it with his art, with his Songs, enriched all of our lives and touched millions of people.” The band also explained: In the certainty that his music will endure beyond anything earthly, the band around singer Toni Krahl (74) bows “to a very, very great one”.


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