FritzApp WLAN and FritzApp Fon receive an update

The router manufacturer AVM has added new functions to its two apps FritzApp WLAN and FritzApp Fon.

If you use a router from the German manufacturer AVM in your household, you can also use practical apps for your smartphone. This can be used, for example, to make phone calls, monitor the bandwidth in the LAN or throw devices out of the home network. The first update concerns the FritzApp Fon, which has already been updated for Android. Now the update for the iOS version follows. This means that call signaling can be used on an iPhone using the latest iOS technology for telephone calls. At least FritzOS 7.20 must be installed on the router, but the smartphone requires iOS 14 or newer. FritzApp Fon version 5.0.0 is now available as an update in Apple’s App Store.

Measure latency in the WLAN

An update for the FritzApp WLAN for Android has also been released. Version 2.12.0 enables users to determine the latency in the WLAN under the menu item “Measure WLAN”. This feature is initially only available for the Android version, an update for the iOS version should follow shortly. Access points in the home network can be monitored with the FritzApp WLAN. For example, all installed repeaters, powerline adapters or Fritzboxes are displayed here. A throughput meter provides information about the speed of the home WLAN. Now the latency of the WLAN can also be determined.

Important metric

The latency describes the time that a data packet needs from the starting point to the destination. Compared to wired connections, the latency in wireless networks is always slightly higher. If the latency is too high, you may experience delays in online games or video conferences.

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