Frogs land in Minecraft with the new 22w11a snapshot

After the addition of Deep Dark in the February experimental release for the upcoming 1.19 release, Mojang’s game just rolled out 22w11asnapshot mainly dedicated to the introduction of frogs as new passive mobs in the game. In total, three variations of frogs are now available on Minecraft servers: those in ocher in temperate biomes, green in cold biomes, and tropical frogs gray in warm biomes. The three critters are associated with three block variations of Froglight.

To get Froglight cubes, frogs must eat a small magma cube. By the way, they also feed on small slimes and release a ball of slime in this case. In addition, the tadpoles are added to the game, which spawn in swamps and evolve into frogs depending on the biome. Like fish, you can catch them in a bucket.

Another addition of the snapshot, mud, a new block generated in the mangrove biome that will arrive with the Wild Update. Their interaction is similar with soul sand. You can make packed mud like snow, or mud bricks. Several other mangrove blocks are added, such as the wood and the leaves of the mangrove, the new tree.

At last, the Deep Dark is therefore also officially available, generated in the depths. the wardenwhich had been seen in the experimental snapshot, is not present for the moment, so there is nothing that will pop in the abyss for the moment. Find the content of the 22w11a on this link.

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