From 6,000 to 30,000 a year: Russia wants to produce significantly more drones

From 6000 to 30,000 annually
Russia wants to produce significantly more drones

Russia’s drone production is set to increase in the future. This is according to the Russian Deputy Industry Minister. This applies to both the military and the civilian sector. However, he only gives specific figures for the latter.

Russia wants to expand the production of drones for the military and also for the civilian sector. The country currently manufactures around 6,000 of the around 30,000 drones needed for civilian use, said Deputy Industry Minister Wassili Schpak in an interview with the state agency TASS. “If we talk about military needs, then the level of production is much higher.” He did not name any numbers.

During airstrikes in its war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia often uses Iranian-made combat drones, which are destroyed when they hit the target. These drones are now also being produced in Russia. Ukraine is also developing its combat drones. For reconnaissance over the battlefield, both sides fly hundreds of small aircraft that have been converted for military use.

Drone lessons in Russian schools

By 2024, the production of civilian drones in Russia should increase to 18,000 units a year, Shpak said in the interview. In 2030 it should be 30,000 pieces. This includes all types of aircraft or helicopter-like drones to multi-rotor multicopters. They should be used in agriculture, on construction sites or for transport in inaccessible regions.

Piloting drones and reconnaissance of the terrain should also be practiced in military studies at Russian schools in the future. This was announced by the Ministry of Education in Moscow on Monday. The teaching module also covered the basics of drone defense. This is part of the reintroduced Soviet-style military education, which will become part of the curriculum from the 2023/2024 school year. According to the Russian Ministry of Education, the military course also includes a module for Kalashnikov rifles and hand grenades.

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