From food to transport, how inflation weighs on the purchasing power of the French on a daily basis

LARGE FORMAT – Explosion of the price of fuel, checkout more and more painful… Le Figaro takes stock of the multiple increases that are eating away at budgets and forcing more and more French people to make choices.

It settled in discreetly during the health crisis, gradually infiltrating all the expenditure items of the French. Now estimated at 5.8% in June over one year according to INSEE, inflation is at its highest historical level for 37 years in France. Fuels, energy, food, housing…. All aspects of daily life are affected and the bill is heavy. According to a study by the magazine 60 million consumersthe average additional cost for households is estimated at 90 euros per month.

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While the government is preparing a law to boost purchasing power which will be presented to the Council of Ministers on July 6, Le Figaro examines with a fine-tooth comb these increases which are suffocating the finances of the French and the reasons for this surge in prices which could reach 6.8% at the end of the year according to INSEE.

Food: basic products hit hard

First victim of inflation: the shopping basket. Food products are bearing the brunt of the consequences of the health crisis and the war…

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