from Hungary, Marine Le Pen criticizes “the will to enslave the European Union”

Budapest and its prime minister, Viktor Orban, a necessary step for figures of the French extreme right at the start of the campaign. A month after Eric Zemmour and Marion Maréchal, it is the turn of the candidate of the National Rally (RN), Marine Le Pen, to have visited the Hungarian capital, Tuesday, October 26. She was greeted in person by the Conservative leader at the Carmelite Monastery, now the Prime Minister’s office, overlooking the Danube.

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After lunch, they both held a press conference with an identical target: the European Union. Criticizing a “Centralized power in Brussels intoxicated with its own existence, with its power and its omnipotence”, Mme Le Pen notably denounced a “Will to enslave” of the EU and refused any principle of primacy of European law over national law, in reference to the decision taken in early October by the Polish Constitutional Court.

“This principle could only be imposed by maneuvers” and Polish courts “Are entirely justified in asserting (…) their right to set and enforce the founding rules of their national pact, their social pact and even their societal pact ”, said the far-right candidate. According to her, “The threats of sanction, and a fortiori of exclusion, which are of rare violence against Hungary or Poland, testify to the stakes of the debate which is opening”, because “The European Union knows very well that it is playing its game here”. During a trip to Brussels on Friday, Le Pen had already brought his ” support “ to the head of the Polish government, Mateusz Morawiecki, criticizing the “Unacceptable blackmail” of the European Commission.

Repeating his commitment to “Reform the French Constitution by referendum to act on the principle of its superiority”, she stressed on Wednesday in Budapest that this would also include “The complete settlement of the question of immigration, this scourge from which our nations must imperatively protect themselves”. On this subject, she denounced the “Migratory flooding that the European Union wants to organize”, of which “The disastrous effects” are felt “At the level of identity, finance or territory”.

Defense of sovereignty

During this press conference, the RN candidate also refused to criticize Hungary’s recent anti-LGBT + law, at the center of a legal standoff with Brussels. This text provides in particular that the content which “ represent sexuality or promote the deviation of gender identity, sex reassignment and homosexuality should not be accessible to those under the age of 18 ”. A “Very serious homophobic law”, according to the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune.

“As I am fundamentally attached to the sovereignty of each of the nations, it would not occur to me to come and give lessons to the Hungarian people”, for his part, said Marine Le Pen, before paying tribute to Viktor Orban and his action at the head of Hungary. “The Hungary of 2021, under your leadership, is once again at the forefront of the fight for the freedom of peoples”, she greeted, while the Prime Minister must face a united opposition to the legislative elections of April 2022.

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Saluting the “Courage” and the “Determination” of the Hungarian Prime Minister, she took “Commitment”, if she is elected President of the Republic next year, from him “Bring the support of France and its people to reorient a European Union, whose ideological brutality awaits the very idea of ​​sovereignty”.

Until this visit, Mr. Orban had long been careful not to appear alongside The pen. But he has changed his attitude since his party left the EPP (right) group in the European Parliament in March, hardening its discourse on sexual minorities or immigration, shifting to the extreme right and leaving his original family. So many elements that fascinate the hard European rights, which still court him in the Parliament of Strasbourg. But the subject of a possible alliance has, however, hardly advanced since the publication, in July, of a “Joint declaration” between the RN candidate and about fifteen allies in Europe, including the Hungarian Prime Minister.

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