From mid-2022 – Zeltweg, Frauen- and Liezen will have an outpatient clinic for children

Two gaps in medical care in Upper Styria will be closed: The gynecologist outpatient clinic in Murtal will move from the LKH Judenburg to Zeltweg in mid-2022, and a pediatrician outpatient clinic will be opened in Liezen at the same time. The green light came at a major health session on Friday.

A single health insurance gynecologist for 50,000 women: The situation in the Murau-Murtal region was so dramatic for years. Because the vacancies were simply not available, a gynecological outpatient clinic was opened at the LKH Judenburg at the beginning of the year. In the middle of next year she will move to a specially adapted building in Zeltweg, which is operated by the Barmherzigen Brüder Hospital in the form of a displaced asylum clinic. The state bears the costs for construction and installation, the expenses for the medical-technical equipment as well as the operation are borne by the health insurance carriers. The opening times will initially be 22 to 25 hours per week. In addition, pediatric care is planned in Zeltweg. New children’s outpatient clinic in LiezenLange and unsuccessful is the search for a new pediatrician in Liezen. Doctor Hans Stebenegg even returned from the pension at the beginning of the year to take care of the little patients. And it will stay until mid-2022 – but then an outsourced Kages ambulance will open at the “Dumbapark” location. The state and the city of Liezen will cover the costs for the structural adaptations as well as the equipment, the expenses for the medical-technical equipment and the operation the health insurance carriers bear again. Here too, opening times of 22 to 25 hours per week are planned. The cash desk in Gröbming will remain. We are also looking for paediatricians to support Stebenegg until June 2022. A first in Austria. Health Councilor Juliane Bogner-Strauß is pleased with these innovations: “For the first time in Austria, we have succeeded in improving care for the population through social security-financed women’s and children’s outpatient clinics to ensure. I would also like to especially thank the KAGes, which repeatedly closes gaps in the supply, as was the case recently in the Murtal. “
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