From “Star Wars” to “The Lord of the Rings”: We mourn these dead villains


Defeating a movie villain is supposed to be a moment of triumph, but sometimes we feel sorry for the villains who lose their lives in the grand finale.

The 10 Saddest Villain Deaths (Source: Warner Bros. /

There are film villains that you can only despise. And then there are the villains, whose backstory is understandable and whose death then seems surprisingly sad. The Joker once said to Batman that everyone is only “one bad day” away from becoming like him. It is often due to a loveless childhood without friends and support that villains become as cruel as they are.

Good villains aren’t one-dimensional, so the death of a misunderstood villain can sometimes bring tears from the audience, even if it means a happy ending for the other characters. The following 10 Saddest Villain Deaths show us that good and bad is a matter of perspective.

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