From the table to the car – these mobile phone holders help in everyday life

It’s hard to believe how useful cell phone holders can be. Be it in the car, on the bike, at home or during a workout. In most cases, you can avoid dangerous (accident) situations with their help.

There are several types of cell phone holders. Mention should be made here: the ring holder (very practical, also works as a mobile phone support on the table, does not fall out of your hand) non-slip mobile phone holder (ideal for the car, stable thanks to the absorbent mat) the adjustable mobile phone stand (rather for at home or for foot on the go) the mobile phone holder on the ventilation (practical, fixed, works with or without a magnet) the magnet holder (elegant and safe solution) the 360 ​​degree rotatable holder (works as a tripod) tripod stand (for fine adjustments with millimeter precision). Holders (the name says it all) Then there are the waterproof mobile phone holders, which include cases hanging around the neck and also selfie sticks. Then there are the variants that can be worn on the side or on the upper arm. The list is long and getting longer.Ring holder10.07€Click here for the ring holder.DoJuScho 360° rotating mobile phone ring13.87€Click here for the ring.Mobile phone holder Auto for 4-in-1, anti-slip mat17.99€Click here for the anti- Slip-mat.andobil Mobile phone holder car With suction cup30.24€Click here for mobile phone holder.Adjustable mobile phone stand8.75€Click here for adjustable mobile phone stand.LISEN Adjustable tablet/mobile phone stand13.59€Click here for adjustable mobile phone stand.Mobile phone holder on the ventilation21.42€Click here for the mobile phone holder.UGREEN mobile phone holder car ventilation16.13€Click here for the mobile phone holder.Lamicall mobile phone car holder11.09€Click here for the mobile phone holder.Magnetic holder14.56€Click here for the magnetic mobile phone holder.APPS2Car mobile phone holder car magnet15.99 €Click for magnetic holder.Metal Cell Phone Tripod Mount with Cold Shoe 360 ​​Degree Rotatable27.99€Click for Swivel Holder.woohot jl1618 360′ Rotation26.99€Click for Swivel Holder.Tripod Stand25, 74€Click here for tripod standFotopro cell phone tripod19.99€Click here for tripodAlligator holder9.99€Click here for alligator holderBinn Car Phone Holder Mobile phone holder alligator29.50€Click for alligator holder.Avantree Mobile phone holder for bed, flexible long arm gooseneck mountClick here for mobile phone holder for bed.Waterproof mobile phone holder for bike12.99€Click here for waterproof mobile phone holder.Grefay bicycle mobile phone holder16.12€Click here for mobile phone holder.Selfie stick24.19€Click here to the selfie stick.More product recommendations can be found in our comparison portal, current offers and discounts can be found in our voucher portal. This article was created in editorial independence. As an Amazon partner, however, we earn from qualified sales. The prices may vary on a daily basis.
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