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Frozen 2: Snowman Olaf makes the Corona crisis laugh

With sequels to successful films, it's known to be a difficult thing. It can go wonderfully wrong or be only moderately successful. With "Die Eiskönigin 2" Disney has really succeeded. The sequel to the blockbuster from 2013 left everyone behind and became the financially most successful animated film of all time. Laughter is guaranteed with Snowman Olaf and a welcome distraction in the middle of the Corona crisis. The second adventure of Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Co. is coming to the home theater and will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D from March 26, 2020. What can fans expect?

That's what "Frozen 2" is all about

The sisters Anna and Elsa live a quiet life in Arendelle. Until a strange restlessness seizes Elsa and a mysterious voice calls her into the forest, which promises her answers to all her questions: why is she the way she is, why does she have magical powers? Together with Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff, Elsa sets out to figure out the riddle. The crew not only meets the forest people and other new companions. On their adventurous journey, the sisters have to stick together once again and stand up for one another with courage, trust and love.

Snowman Olaf is the highlight

Seldom does a second, third or xth part of a series really convince. Fans of "Die Eiskönigin" (2013) don't have to worry about that. The second adventure of Anna, Elsa and Co. was also a success. And history owes that to the cute sidekicks. Snowman Olaf, who once again gives voice to comedian Hape Kerkeling (55) in the German dubbed version, once again steals the show.

As in part one, Olaf shines with a lot of wit, funny contortions and bizarre wisdom and clearly has the laughs on his side. He is also responsible for one of the most touching moments in the film, handkerchiefs can do no harm. In addition to Olaf, reindeer Sven also ensures funny moments and surprises with a very special insert. He gets cute competition from baby reindeer. In addition, another animal sidekick that is responsible for fiery entertainment is introduced: Feuergeist Bruni.

The new adventure by Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Co. is well thought out. In addition to well-known figures and the backdrop of Arendelle, new worlds and characters are explored that also exude a lot of charm. So the whole thing doesn't look like a cheap or bleak copy of part one. The reunion with the popular characters and the new additions is a lot of fun. There are also two new bonus clips for home cinema. There is a previously unpublished scene as well as the idea behind Feuergeist Bruni. Off to Arendelle!

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