Frozen Aloe Vera Facial: That’s behind the TikTok trend

Frozen Aloe Vera Facial
This is behind the TikTok trend

TikTok users swear by the beauty effect of frozen aloe vera.

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TikTok has discovered the diverse active ingredients of aloe vera for itself: This is behind the beauty trend Frozen Aloe Vera Facial.

Firm skin and an even complexion: This is what the TikTok beauty trend Frozen Aloe Vera Facial promises. The online community has discovered the diverse effects of aloe vera, which has long been valued in the cosmetics industry. There are numerous tutorials and application reports on the platform showing how best to use frozen aloe vera on the face. That’s behind it TikTok Trend Frozen Aloe Vera Facial.

How to make frozen aloe vera cubes yourself at home

One of the reasons why this beauty trick is so popular is that you can easily make it yourself at home. Here comes the step-by-step instructions for Frozen Aloe Vera:

Step One: Cut the leaf of an aloe vera plant in half and remove the sharp edges. Then carefully cut the leaf in half with the knife. This reveals the gel contained inside.

Step two: Carefully scrape the gel from the two halves of the leaf into a container. If you do this properly, the gel stays nice and runny and contains clumpy bits that could be annoying or scratchy when you finally apply it to the skin.

Step three: Optionally, the gel for the Frozen Aloe Vera Facial can be refined with other ingredients. A piece of cucumber, some coconut oil and chamomile are suitable for this. Put these ingredients together with the gel in a high-performance blender and grind to a homogeneous mass.

Step four: The viscous mass is now poured into a classic ice cube tray. To make it easier to use the Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes later, you can insert small wooden sticks into the individual cubes before freezing. Popsicle molds, which you would normally use to make your own popsicles, are also perfect for making frozen aloe vera face wash.

Frozen Aloe Vera: Ready to use

The frozen aloe vera cubes can now be taken out of the freezer as needed and incorporated into the daily beauty ritual. The cold DIY product is gently massaged into the skin with large-scale movements.

This is why aloe vera is so good for our skin

Aloe vera promotes the moisture retention of our skin and also supplies it with moisture itself, which can lead to a better skin feeling. In addition, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties, has a calming effect and reduces skin irritation.

What many TikTok users particularly appreciate about the Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes: Aloe Vera supplies the skin with various vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins are known for their antioxidant properties and thus protect the sensitive facial skin from free radicals. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper support the natural regeneration of the skin and the proteins contained in aloe vera give the facial skin more firmness.


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