Frozen gift ideas: fans of Princess Elsa will be happy about this

Gift ideas for Frozen fans
10 beautiful gifts for fans of Princess Elsa

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Princess Elsa, her sister Anna and the snowman Olaf are very popular. We have selected 10 gift ideas that are sure to make little Frozen fans happy.

The first frozen film “Frozen: Totally Unabashed” was a mega-success at the box office in 2013. The hype about Princess Elsa and her friends continues to this day. In addition to the animated films and musicals, there are numerous costumes, books, games and much more in the typical Frozen design. We have selected the most beautiful gifts for Elsa fans from the wide range on offer.

“Frozen” as stream, Blu-ray or DVD

Frozen is one of the most successful Disney films of all time and little fans will definitely be happy to watch the story of Elsa and her magical powers, with which she can create ice, frost and snow, a second and third time. The first film “Frozen: Totally Unabashed” and the sequel “Frozen II” you can either from Amazon Prime and stream directly or buy on Blu-ray or DVD.

“The Frozen” as an audio book

Elsa’s story is also captivating and touching as an audio book. You can use the audiobook with a total duration of two hours either Stream on Amazon Audible or the Buy an audio CD. The story is spoken by the dubbing voice of Elsa’s sister Anna.

“Elsa’s magical ice palace” by LEGO

With the detailed set of 700 parts, children from 6 years of age can Elsa’s Ice Palace made of Lego Recreate and experience the adventures of the Ice Princess for yourself by reenacting favorite scenes from “The Ice Queen” or thinking up your own stories. The game promotes buildability, creativity and imagination.

Ravensburger: Frozen Mini Memory

Who has the best memory and can find the most image pairs that belong together? That Memory game is suitable for children from 3 years of age and contains 24 pairs of images that show the most important characters and the most beautiful moments from the Frozen films.

Ravensburger: Frozen Puzzle

Elsa, Anna or Olaf the Snowman: This one Puzzle set from Ravensburger contains three beautiful puzzle motifs, so that there is something suitable for every Elsa fan. A puzzle consists of 49 pieces and is suitable for children from 5 years.

“Frozen” coloring book

More than 60 magical coloring motifs from Princess Elsa and her sister Anna as well as from the lovable snowman Olaf, the brave Kristoff and his reindeer Sven await Frozen fans in this one coloring book. In order to completely immerse yourself in Elsa’s world, “The Ice Queen” can be played as an audio book.

Frozen children’s bed linen

Little fans are sure to dream of their favorite princess and her adventures: The Frozen children’s bed linen are available in different sizes and with different motifs. The microfiber material is skin-friendly and hard-wearing. Washable at 40 degrees.

Elsa costume

Who wouldn’t want to be an Ice Princess themselves and have Elsa’s superpowers? With the Elsa costume you can at least look like the heroine and re-enact her adventures. Perfect for costume parties, themed birthdays or Mardi Gras.

Frozen wrist watch

Children will definitely like to learn to read the clock: the clock face shows Elsa with sister Anna. the Frozen watch has three pointers and easy to read numbers as well as an adjustable blue Velcro fastener.

Frozen advent calendar

What is hidden behind all the little doors? Every day another little door opens the world of Ice Princess Elsa and her friends and shortens the waiting time for Christmas with 24 great surprises. Frozen fans can look forward to buttons, hair accessories, stickers and much more, for example. Of the Frozen advent calendar is suitable for children from three years of age.

What are the Frozen films about?

Ice Princess Elsa has the unique ability to create frost, ice and snow. However, since she cannot easily control her powers, she transforms into “The Frozen: Completely Unabashed” accidentally moved her place of origin Arendelle into an ice landscape and flees into the mountains. Her sister Anna sets out to find Elsa in order to get her to lift the ice curse again. On the way she meets ice trader Kristoff and his tame reindeer Sven, who support her on her mission.

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In “Frozen II” Elsa embarks on a dangerous and adventurous journey into the unknown together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. She traverses the enchanted forest and the dark sea beyond Arendelle in search of the truth about the past.

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