Frozen pizza trick: This is how 2 pizzas fit on a baking sheet at the same time

Frozen pizza trick
With this trick, two pizzas fit on one baking sheet

For many people, a frozen pizza is the right solution when you’re hungry quickly – but how do you bake two pizzas on one tray?

Two pizzas but only one baking tray? With a simple trick, no one has to wait any longer and you can bake two pizzas on one baking tray.

The dish couldn’t be simpler: dough on the bottom, then tomato sauce and various toppings and a thick layer of cheese on top. Pizza is and remains one of the Germans’ favorite dishes. If you’re in a hurry and you’re hungry, many people are happy that there’s also a frozen version. The following applies: open the box, take out the pizza, remove the foil and put it in the oven. But what can you do if you want several pizzas at once?

Frozen pizza trick: This is how you can bake two pizzas on one tray

Only in exceptional cases should two pizzas be prepared at once on different baking sheets. The top pizza quickly becomes dangerously dark and the bottom pizza hardly gets any heat and remains limp – even if you make an effort to constantly change the position of the trays. In the video we tell you a life hack that is guaranteed to make things work better. All you need is a sharp knife, warm water and a cutting board.

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