Fryer: how often to change the oil and clean it? : Current Woman Le MAG

The oil used in the fryer can be suitable for all kinds of foods. As long as it is filtered and kept cool between uses, it will not alter the taste of prepared recipes, whether sweet like donuts or savory like fries. However, you should not use the same oil all the time. In fact, this practice would increase the risk of ignition and could damage the interior of the fryer more quickly. You must therefore change the oil regularly and not neglect the maintenance of the device itself.

How do you know if the oil used for frying is still good?

There are several elements to look for to check if the oil is usable without being harmful to health. The first clue is the color of the oil. As soon as it changes from yellow to brown, it must be replaced. Then, it must not smoke when you start cooking or foam should form without food immersed in it. Finally, if the oil appears viscous, it is also recommended to discard it.

How often should you change the oil in your fryer?

The frequency of changing the oil in a deep fryer may vary depending on the manufacturers’ recommendations. Some recommend changing it after five uses, even if it has been filtered. However, generally, it can be done after eight or ten uses.

When to clean your fryer?

How often you use the fryer determines the recommended time to clean it. As a general rule, monthly cleaning is recommended if the fryer is used once or twice a week.

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