“Fuck” – Tesla supplies gripper arm instead of right-hand drive version

Well-meaning? At best, you can probably see it that way. Tesla recently ended production of right-hand drive Model S and Model X. If you still order one of these models in Great Britain (which is therefore delivered as left-hand drive), you will now supposedly get a gripper arm. As a compensation.

The idea of ​​this plastic crutch is understandable, after all it is difficult to take a parking ticket if the automatic barrier is on the wrong side. Or taking his order at a fast-food drive-thru. When overtaking on country roads, “The Reacher”, as the part is called, will not help. Photos of the gripper have been circulating on social media, including on the Tesla Owners UK Twitter account. Tesla fans and drivers there are moderately enthusiastic about the “garbage collector”. One writes: “Oh great, another piece of junk instead of solving the problem of scary phantom braking.” Another clarifies: “This is a real rip off. You might think that’s funny, but that’s a slap in the face for what the Model X and Model S market was.” Customers in markets like the UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand sometimes have late opening hours waited for their car to be delivered, only to suddenly find out that they didn’t get it as ordered. In the UK, people have been offered a £2,000 discount if they choose a Model 3 or Y. These two will continue to be offered with right-hand drive. A Twitter user had a dubious idea for the gripper arm: He suggested using it from the passenger seat to regularly move the steering wheel slightly so that the autopilot does not switch off. Hopefully we won’t see similar videos on YouTube soon…e
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