"Fuck you": Sophie Davant smitten by her daughter, she answers dryly: Current Woman The MAG

Sophie Davant has found someone to talk to in the person of her daughter. For several days, the flagship host of France Televisions never ceases to highlight the fruit of her love with Pierre Sled, Valentine Sled. She first featured it on television in Children of TV, Sunday January 17, 2021, during a special cooking show. An appearance noticed by viewers who discovered a young woman of 25 very comfortable and amazing in her activity as a cook in front of an audience of guests. She intends to use her skills to combine investigation and gastronomy on her blog Sled & pepper. And to break into this tightly knit community, this freelance journalist can lean on her mother, who posted her in cover of the second issue of his magazine S, published in this month of January.

Annoyed by her daughter's response

And if Valentine Sled was very hesitant to accept this proposal, as she explained in C to you, she now seems to be playing the game of this media coverage. Thus, for the monthly, mother and daughter made a video on Instagram, where they respond to the theme "Who of us two?". The opportunity to find out who is the funniest, the smartest, the most stressed or even the most greedy. But the interview almost got out of hand when the younger of the two asked the question "who's funnier?" by adding "despite herself". An irreverent exit, even tinged with humor, which did not please the presenter of ’Deal concluded, which launched a "fuck you" which came straight from the heart. This naturalness and this joie de vivre are in any case the happiness of the viewers of France 2, who want more. They are indeed more and more to watch Deal concluded where Sophie Davant takes pleasure in commenting on the unusual objects sold by candidates.

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