Fuel prices: Emmanuel Macron’s call to players in the sector to sell “at cost price”: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

As usual, Emmanuel Macron’s televised intervention was awaited by millions of French citizens. From the Élysée Palace, the President of the Republic answered a series of questions from journalists Anne-Claire Coudray and Laurent Delahousse. In this new unpublished interview broadcast on Sunday September 24, 2023 both on TF1 And France 2, Emmanuel Macron addressed subjects at the heart of the concerns of the French. He gave some answers concerning inflation, immigration, the diplomatic situation in Niger and the rise in fuel prices. Indeed, for many months, the French have had to face a significant increase in the price of gasoline or diesel. The Head of State wants to be reassuring and once again promises government support.

New aid capped at 100 euros

When the star presenters of TF1 And France 2 asked questions about the increase in fuel, Emmanuel Macron revealed his next intentions. “Gasoline is increasing because crude oil is increasing. The price of a barrel is increasing and this will last. We are paying for our independence. There is no miracle solution”, he lamented. Following his interview, he confirmed that fuel taxes are intended to finance hospitals and energy renovations as well as the budget granted to the regions. He also specified that Élisabeth Borne, the Prime Minister, should soon ask distributors to sell fuel at cost price. Subsequently, Emmanuel Macron unveiled an announcement which should delight a large number of fellow French citizens. “I asked the government for the upcoming budget to continue to support working French people…” he initially clarified. Brigitte Macron’s husband continued by revealing some good news: “It is not a check, it is a mechanism which will be limited to workers, which will not exceed, what we call the first five deciles, that is to say the 50% of the most modest French people and which will be a maximum of 100 euros per car per year. It’s targeted. We do not help households that do not need it.” In the coming months, the French people concerned will be able to benefit from this new fuel aid capped at the amount of 100 euros.

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