Fuel shortage: gasoline prices will continue to rise, warns E. Leclerc

The fuel crisis resumed with renewed vigor at the start of the year and unfortunately it is not ready to stop. Michel-Édouard Leclerc is formal: the situation will only get worse over the next few months, especially for diesel. The fault with a complex geopolitical situation which forces to seek other more expensive suppliers.

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Drivers have had it tough lately. Between the strikes of the refiners and the prices of the gasoline which reach summits, it became very difficult to fill up. This Monday, the Ministry of Ecological Transition raised an average price of €1.8994 for a liter of diesel at the pump, compared to €1.8346 for Super Unleaded 95, an increase of 13.3 cents and 19.2 cents respectively. since December 30.

Unfortunately, we are still far from seeing the end of the tunnel on this last point. Questioned on the subject by the Grand Jury RTL, Le Figaro, LCI, Michel-Édouard Leclerc, president of the strategic committee of the eponymous group, was particularly pessimistic. The reason has been the same for months: companies now have to do without Russian suppliers, which has resulted in higher prices.

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The price of gasoline is not about to drop

“We are in the process of resourcing our sources of supply. For the moment, it is obviously more expensive to buy elsewhere, to buy diesel in the Gulf, or in the Gulf of Mexico”, explains Michel-Édouard Leclerc. Worse still, a new increase is to be expected within two or three months according to him, the time that the fuel purchased today is put on sale.

This increase will mainly hit drivers of diesel vehicles. In fact, before it declared war on Ukraine, Russia provided 25% of the diesel fuel consumed in France, which is as much fuel as must now be provided by another country. “We still have to check that it is not Russian diesel via India. And when you go to Mexico, you no longer buy barges of 30,000 tons, but of 100,000 tons”, adds Michel-Édouard Leclerc.

Until the situation calms down, motorists therefore have no other solution than to compare prices between service stations. To do this, we have listed the different methods that will allow you to find fuel at the best price near you.

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