Fuels: Le Pen accuses “war profiteers” and calls for an investigation

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DUNKERQUE (awp/afp) – Marine Le Pen on Saturday denounced oil tankers “war profiteers” who are making “suspicious” profits in her eyes on rising fuel prices due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and asked for a investigation at the competition department.

“There are also a few war profiteers. The oil companies are taking advantage of it a little to make margins, it will not be possible”, affirmed the candidate of the National Rally on the market of Dunkirk (North), where she has multiplied the selfies and was questioned about the prices at the pump which are soaring due to the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“When I see diesel increase by 70 cents in the space of a few days even though we know that prices are generally passed on over a month, I tell myself that there is suspicious behavior”, developed the candidate.

“I therefore ask that the government carry out an investigation by the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control, editor’s note) to verify under what conditions we see fuel prices soar at the pump,” she added.

Emmanuel Macron, “he has to pay for all that, because he gives to the rich to give nothing to us”, launched Geordy, a sympathizer. “The priority is the purchasing power of the French,” assured him the far-right candidate who had made inflation the theme of his trip to the North on Friday and Saturday.

Marine Le Pen has been proposing since the fall a reduction in VAT on gas, electricity and fuel. Faced with the new surge in prices, she asked for a cancellation of the increases in the TICPE tax decided between 2015 and 2018, which she intends to compensate by “taxing” oil tankers. Friday in Bouchain (Nord), she also suggested removing VAT from the prices of around a hundred basic necessities.

Earlier in the morning, the candidate had organized an off-the-record exchange (without microphones or cameras) with the press from which a journalist from Liberation was excluded.

“Behind the facade ripolining at the RN, again and again the old methods of the far right with regard to the press. When the natural comes back at a gallop”, protested on Twitter the deputy editor-in-chief of the France Liberation service , Jonathan Bouchet-Petersen.


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