Full classrooms – first lockdown day at Viennese schools hardly noticeable

The fact that the schools remain open despite the lockdown should have been an incentive for many parents to send their child to school at least on the first day, contrary to the recommendation of the federal government. In Vienna, 70 to 90 percent of children attended face-to-face classes, depending on the location.

This occupancy is also evident in the Open Elementary School Knöllgasse in Favoriten. There were around 15 to 18 children there on Monday, around two thirds per class. “All children have to wear a mask and there is no sport, but otherwise it was a normal school day,” says a teacher. Demand for school closureSchool spokespersons, teachers, parents and experts, meanwhile, demanded distance learning in all Austrian schools in an open letter from the government for 14 days to break the chains of infection and care in schools for everyone who needs it. There must be special care times for parents. Less than half of the time in kindergartens In urban kindergartens, the picture is different from that in schools. An evaluation will only take place on Wednesday, but an occupancy of over 50 percent is assumed. In the previous lockdown, however, around two thirds of the children were cared for in the facilities.
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