Full moon horoscope from October 20th, 2021: 3 zodiac signs get heavenly energy

Full moon horoscope October 20th, 2021
3 zodiac signs that the moon is now particularly inspiring

Full moon horoscope on October 20th, 2021: The full moon brings special gifts for three zodiac signs


The full moon again has a positive influence on all zodiac signs. He now particularly encourages three of them.

A spirit of optimism, zest for action and new energy: the full moon has a great influence on our fate and our decisions, even if this often only reveals itself at second glance. Even now his energy can be clearly felt again. This is particularly gratifying for three zodiac signs, because they now receive support from the celestial satellite, which could steer their lives in a completely new direction.

Full moon horoscope on October 20th, 2021: These zodiac signs are now being inspired by the moon

Because it is precisely the spirit of optimism that the full moon can evoke that triggers many changes in these zodiac signs. Deep self-reflection and new insights give fresh impulses, and these zodiac signs are now fearless and open in their communication too – and are particularly good at putting their relationships with other people on a completely different basis. See in the video who can be especially happy about the support of the moon!

Source used: BRIGITTE two-week horoscope


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