Full screen, shortcuts to Siri: the ChatGPT application gets a makeover on iPad

The ChatGPT app has been available on the Apple store since May 25 and has been a great success. It provides access to OpenAI’s powerful conversational bot directly from your smartphone. Aware of the potential of the mobile park, the firm intends to offer an equivalent as complete as on a computer. It has also recently been updated to better adapt to use on iPad.

This new compatibility means that it is finally possible to enjoy it in full screen. Previously, the display of the interface was carried out as on a smartphone, which was not practical on a tablet format. Good news, as its use lends itself to vertical use.

A better interface

The interface has not really changed. You still have the choice to upgrade from GPT-3.5 to GPT-4, but now it’s easier to transfer content from any other app with Drag and Drop, in a way as in the other.

This update also allows you to use Siri to formulate your requests, by more easily creating a shortcut between the app and the voice assistant. It is then possible to move it to your home screen. Efficient to access it directly, without going through the application or the site.

Recall that Open AI recently launched ChatGPT Plus, which offers priority access to the latest GPT-4 language model. However, you have to pay a subscription of around twenty euros per month to take advantage of it. A version cut for Android should soon see the light of day.

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