Full throttle into spring: Chic e-bike with belt drive on offer at Aldi


Aldi sells a stylish fixie e-bike with a belt drive in its online shop. The price is good, is the equipment also right?

On offer at Aldi: LLobe Fixie Vincitori (Source: LLOBE)

  • The “Llobe Vincitori” e-bike is on offer at Aldi.
  • The Pedelec uses a belt drive, there is no chain.
  • Since it is a fixie, it is particularly interesting for the city or short distances.

Cyclists are slowly waking up from hibernation – now in March the temperatures are finally rising again and the sun is also appearing more often. The perfect time to kick off the cycling season. Are you still missing the right vehicle for this year? Then take a look at Aldi’s current offer. The discounter has a pretty stylish e-bike ready for you in its online shop.

The Llobe Fixie Vincitori has a 250 watt rear wheel motor that supports you with up to 45 Newton meters. If you don’t want to climb the steepest climbs, this is enough power – even for hilly to mountainous regions. The battery finds its place in the frame, but can also be removed if desired. According to the manufacturer, it offers enough capacity for a range of up to 90 kilometers.

The e-bike is equipped with 28-inch tires and the frame height is 52 centimeters. According to Llobe, it is suitable for drivers with a height of between 1.55 and 1.85 meters. The bike is quite light for a Pedelec, weighing a total of only 19 kilograms. The maximum permissible total weight is 150 kilograms.

Disc brakes and lighting system

Since it’s a fixie, you don’t have to shift gears. In addition, a belt is used instead of a chain, which usually requires less maintenance. Please note that the bike has a rigid suspension fork, so it is less suitable for rough terrain.

The Vincitori is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, so you have decent braking power, even when things get tricky. A lighting system is also installed for driving in the dark. Additional features include a sports saddle, “grippy” pedals, a double stand and ergonomic handles.

The bottom line is that the features are good considering the price. However, keep in mind that the e-bike is less suitable for long tours due to the lack of gears. It is more of a Pedelec for short distances, the city or shopping trips.

LLOBE 28 LLobe Fixie E-Bike Vincitori
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

  • Rear wheel motor

  • 80 kilometers range

The LLobe Fixie Vincitori particularly scores with its modern look and low maintenance, as there are no gears and a belt instead of a chain.

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