Fully charged in 5 minutes! Xiaomi breaks a new record but is it really of interest to you?

Maxence Glineur

February 28, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.


Xiaomi fast charge redmi note 12 pro+ © © Rafael Henrique / Adobe Stock

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The 300 watt charger shows impressive results, but maybe not without a little sacrifice.

The race for charging speed has been launched for a few years by several smartphone manufacturers. Neck and neck, we find the two Chinese Oppo and Xiaomi in the lead, the latter’s previous record having recently been beaten by its competitor, with a 240 W charger. But the battle is not over, since Xiaomi has just demonstrated a new, even more powerful model, while the MWC in Barcelona is in full swing.

From 0 to 50% in two minutes

The innovation comes as much from the charger as from what is inside the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ in the demo. With its 4,100 mAh, its battery has a lower capacity than the model marketed with 4,980 mAh, capable of supporting a charge at 120 W. However, it contains more efficient cells, some of which are made of carbon instead of the more classic graphite, thus reducing the thickness of the electrodes by 35%.

Combined with an improved electrolyte formula, these cells provide the battery with higher power density with a faster charge and discharge rate. In addition, they are “sandwiched” between thermal materials, in order to optimize heat dissipation. In the following video, we can see that the phone reaches 20% charge in just over a minute, 50% in just over 2 minutes and 100% in almost 5 minutes. Peaking at 290W, the charger was able to sustain 280W for over two minutes during the process, which is remarkable.

Xiaomi fast charge redmi note 12 pro+ © © Rafael Henrique / Adobe Stock

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Negative points in perspective?

While charging at such power will undoubtedly produce a lot of heat, it is also normal to have questions about safety. Xiaomi reassures by announcing that the charger used has Double GaN technology and has ” more than 50 security protections to keep an eye on the current, voltage and temperature of each cell. And all in a reduced size. That’s good, but maybe a little too much to gain just five minutes against the Realme GT Neo 5 and its ten minutes of charging from 0 to 100%.

Especially since the Chinese firm has not yet communicated figures on the number of charge cycles of this new battery, which will undoubtedly be less important than a battery supporting lower powers. She also did not say when we will see a real smartphone with this technology coming to market.

Source : Engadget

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