Fumigate your apartment: 3 witch tricks against negative energies

3 tricks
This is how you free your home from negative energies

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Do you feel like you associate your apartment with too many negative things? It can help to smoke out the apartment. The witch Elanor tells us how to immediately rid your home of negative energies.

You move into an apartment, get to know someone – and everything calls for a new beginning. Then the new relationship breaks up. And suddenly the newly furnished apartment appears in a different light. As if the heartache had burned itself into the walls.

Imagination? Not if Elanor has its way. The self-proclaimed witch has been working with energies for years – and knows what happens when negatives build up. They hang like fluff on the walls of a house or even on a person’s body.

Elanor can see what most people only notice with an oppressive feeling. In her shop in Hamburg, the Hexerey, she tries to help her customers with her skills. Helping people to help themselves is what she calls her concept. After all, everyone has to change something in their own life in the end. Elanor has the means to do this: Among other things, the witch sells incense mixtures that she has put together herself. And they should have the ability to free your apartment from negative energies.

The witch Elanor makes her own incense mixes

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“Smoking is a very, very old custom that is now coming back”, Elanor explains in an interview with BRIGITTE.de, “At the beginning of the 20th century it was commonplace. Simply fill the apartment with the vibrations of cleaning plants.”

When should you clean your apartment energetically?

According to Elanor, there is no need to have a broken relationship to negatively afflict an apartment. Not only contaminated sites can get stuck in the walls and subconsciously affect your mood. Her tip: Just feel inside yourself: How do you feel when you enter your apartment? Are your four walls a home or do you associate them with exhaustion and negative feelings?

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If you are under a lot of stress during the day, you can literally take it home with you. Then it can help to “restart” the apartment. Just like yourself, because you will find yourself feeling liberated when you get home.

For example, the witch Elanor cleans her shop every day – among other things to protect it from the stress of the main thoroughfare on which it is located, she says. In your own apartment, however, it is also seldom enough: “You get excited sometimes and negative emotions leave traces that you don’t want there, so you should smoke every one or two months to freshen up the apartment” , advises Elanor.

The reasons for energetic cleaning of the apartment are therefore diverse. The simplest: To make you feel better. Even if you can’t do much with energies yourself, the method is worthwhile: just give it a try. Because it is the scents created by the cleansing ceremonies that subconsciously ensure relaxation.

3 tricks by the witch Elanor for energetic house cleaning

Fumigate the apartment

Fumigate! Elanor advises on cleansing herbs like Thyme, sage, mugwort and giant. They can “kick out negative energies”. For smoking you only need a knife point of the mixture, which you let burn up on a hot coal.

The energetic house cleaning is carried out by the witch Elanor on a regular basis

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Clean with baking soda

Clean the apartment – with baking soda. Soda water has a cleansing effect that was already appreciated by our grandmothers.

Use essential oils

“But please not with artificial refreshments,” warns Elanor, “I always tell myself it must have been alive once”. Help:

  • Orange for a good mood,
  • Lavender for calming
  • Thyme for cleaning and
  • Rosemary for the suggestion.

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