Fund of the Week: Sextant Tech

( — At Amiral Gestion, the Sextant Tech fund is a compartment of the Sextant SICAV invested in companies belonging to the technology sector.

The managers invest predominantly in Europe but also internationally. In detail, the fund includes a selection of tech leaders in 3 key and interconnected areas.

The selection of stocks is carried out on the basis of a proprietary and in-depth financial and extra-financial analysis. The management team’s conviction is based on the fact that tech is central to all activities and transforms all segments of the economy.

Based on the latest reporting, the top 5 lines are Alphabet, Lectra, Vusiongroup, Alten and Kontron.

Over the past year, Sextant Tech’s performance has been +21.4% compared to +18.3% for the benchmark index.


An Amiral Gestion fund dedicated to tech stocks.


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