Funds promote anti-vaccination: anthelmintic in the United States

Funds promote opponents of vaccination
Vermifuge madness in the USA

By Jan Ganger

Vaccination opponents swear by a supposed corona miracle drug: Ivermectin. Sales of the drug are also skyrocketing in the USA, although the drug agency warns against taking it. And what do the health insurance companies do? They reimburse the cost of ivermectin prescriptions.

Ivermectin is an anti-wormer for animals and totally unsuitable for treating Covid infections. However, this does not change the fact that opponents of vaccination worldwide obtain the drug and take it in self-experiments in order to avoid infection or to treat themselves after an infection.

This leads to an absurd situation in the USA: while the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns against taking preparations with ivermectin, health insurance companies reimburse opponents of vaccination for a large part of the costs for these drugs.

A study published in the journal “Journal of the American Medical Association” (JAMA) comes to the conclusion that in one week in August last year insurers covered costs of around 2.5 million dollars. Extrapolated for the year, US health insurance companies subsidize ivermectin self-experiments with almost 130 million dollars.

“The research shows that insurers heavily subsidize ivermectin drugs even though there is economic evidence that they should not pay for ineffective therapies,” the study’s authors, from the University of Michigan, said.

The researchers assume that the total is much higher than their estimate. Because their study does not take into account the Medicaid health care program for the socially disadvantaged, which is organized by the individual states.


For the study, the researchers evaluated data sets between December 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021. Around 5 million come from privately insured persons. Around 1.2 million Americans are insured through Medicare – a program that primarily benefits older people.

The Robert Koch Institute warns of severe side effects of the drug, it is not approved in Germany for the treatment of Covid infections. Ivermectin is mainly used in veterinary medicine to deworm horses, cattle, sheep or pigs. Sometimes it is also used against human diseases that are also caused by parasites. It can also be used for scabies.

The behavior of health insurance companies and doctors should be frustrating for the health authorities. “You’re not a horse. You’re not a cow. Seriously, everyone: stop it,” the FDA tweeted last August, listing possible side effects that may occur after ingestion: rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, swelling all over the body, seizures, inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) and more.

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