Furnishing a study: For an optimal home office

Would you like to set up your study so that you can work efficiently, creatively and healthily in your home office? We have great tips and design ideas ready for you.

The study should be a quiet and bright room where you can find enough space to work and where you can withdraw and concentrate. In the best case scenario, the room even encourages your creativity. The most important thing when furnishing the office is that you feel comfortable in it and that your work is not negatively affected in any way.

And even if home office may sound stressful to many at first, there are a few tips so that you can work efficiently in it after setting up the office and feel comfortable while doing it.

Furnishing a study: these tips will help you

  • A room of its own is the best solution to work well from home and to concentrate better. If you don’t have an extra room, look for a niche in your apartment so that you can set up a study-like room there. This is how you can also have the optimal home office!
  • The facility can like homely and fit in with the rest of the style of living in your apartment, because you will only be productive there if you enjoy spending time in your home office.
  • Think about your intervertebral discs when you are working from home. Sitting quietly at the table all day is not ideal health-promoting. So get up regularly and change your sitting position.
  • Don’t spend the whole day looking for your many post-its and other work materials, instead start structuring your everyday work in the home office. Practice in Self-discipline!
  • When your work is done Tidy and clean workplace, the next working day starts much nicer and more structured.
  • Working from home together, brings fun and promotes creativity. If you were to work from home alone all the time, it can get pretty lonely over time.
  • You should feel comfortable at home, this also applies to the home office. Remember yours Clothing selection but also that you can be called spontaneously at any time via video conference.

How you can create an inspiring atmosphere in your study and which items should not be missing when furnishing your study, we will introduce you to furniture and accessories for your home office.

Nice design ideas

Wall paint

Before setting up your study, you should first think about the Wall paint do. You should not use colors that are too bright or too dark, because they strain the brain unnecessarily and irritate the eye. A calm white, soft beige, pastel tones or muted colors, on the other hand, encourage concentration and ensure more relaxation.

Light or muted gray, green and blue tones are particularly suitable for furnishing the study. They have a calming, concentration-promoting and vitalizing effect.

Sun protection

When setting up your study, make sure that your workspace is at the side of the window, so that you get enough natural light into the room. The desk should by no means have its back to the window. This causes poor visibility on the screen and strains the eyes. If the daylight disturbs you in your way of working from time to time, help you transparent curtains or rolls.

writing desk

Do you like to work at your desk? But the coffee table in your home is too low? Then you should consider whether you are not in the office setting up a small, simple desk or in a modern desk invest with sufficient storage space.
Depending on how often and how long you work in the home office, rely on a table and have your own study, it is also worthwhile a height-adjustable desk. You can work on it comfortably while standing or sitting. This also makes work easier if you often suffer from back pain.

desk chair

Gone are the days when everyone had a classic, rather unsightly desk chair at home. When setting up the study, you can choose a rather small one, but instead beautiful desk chair To fall back on. But that does not mean that it is not ergonomic at best, because for a healthy posture and permanently comfortable sitting at the desk is a ergonomic chair still mandatory. A is also suitable as an alternative Exercise ball, because with that you also take a straight posture.

Tip: When your feet are loosely on the floor next to each other and your thighs and lower legs are at a 90-degree angle to each other, you have the healthiest posture while working.

Desk lamp

With good lighting in the workplace, you can work much better straight away. As a result, you are more alert, more productive and you feel good. When setting up the study, make sure that the Desk lamp does not dazzle or reproduces colors incorrectly. With the right lamp, you can also work from home in the darker times of the year or in the evening!
Nice side effect: This relieves the strain on your eyes because they don’t have to strain to see as they do in the dark.

Tip: If you are left-handed, you should place your desk lamp on your right and right-handed on your left, this prevents the hands from casting shadows.

Office supplies

Pen holders for pens and the like, folders, post-its, paper clips and a notebook are absolute must-haves in the workplace, but also pretty ones Storage boxes and a waste paper bin are indispensable when furnishing the study. They are practical organizer and decoration at the same time. When choosing office items, you are welcome to add color accents in the study.

In order to always have everything to hand quickly, you need suitable storage space. Storage boxes or baskets create order for small items. Files, folders, letters and the like are best kept on a shelf or in one Roll container accommodate with drawers.

In order to be able to write down all appointments and new ideas at any time, a stylish one is suitable Memo board on the wall.

Room divider

If you don’t have the opportunity to set up a study, help Screens or shelvesto separate your work space from the rest of the room. It is also suitable as a privacy screen from roommates, children or your partner. With the screen you create a nicer working atmosphere – and you get a better feeling while working.

Study rooms need storage space, but unfortunately there is often a shortage of space there. Shelves also help you stow away books, files and folders.

Personal photos

To give the study a personal touch, photos with friends and family are just the thing to keep your eyes peeled for in between Wall organizer digress and look into the distance. This is good for the eyes and the mind and brings positive energy for everyday work in the home office. Be sure to note when setting up your study!


When setting up your study, you should by no means rely on a Houseplant can be dispensed with, because they improve the air quality, increase your own well-being and ensure more comfort in the home office.

Cozy corner

Who wouldn’t like it, the cozy corner in the study, in which your creative pauses for thought find space, in which you can just take a deep breath and clear your head? When you have the space in your study, create them for you. All you need is a cozy one armchair and a stylish one Order table, alternatively a large, comfortable one Seat cushions on the floor and yours Cozy blanket, one Floor lamp and a carpet.

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