Further investigation: Marie Germain, alias Milla Jasmine, reveals her exorbitant income

Milla Jasmine confided in the new issue of Complément d’Enquête, broadcast on France 2 this Sunday, September 11. The young woman spoke of her income, in full transparency.

This is a story that has not gone unnoticed. This Sunday, September 11, a new issue of Further investigation was broadcast on the antenna of France 2. It was entitled “Scams, money and politics: the real business of influencers” and it was a few influencers who confided. Among them was Milla Jasmine, who made a name for herself by participating in numerous reality TV shows. Facing the camera, the young woman was very transparent. Follower of product placements, these bring her a lot and she does not hide it. “There are months when you can make 15,000 euros, other months, you can make 60,000 euros“, she first claimed. Very large sums of which she is not ashamed. “It’s not taboo for me but yes, I’m a millionaire“, she continued. Subsequently, Milla Jasmine unveiled the interior of her house, in which we could see an artificial fireplace, a four-poster bed but also a huge dressing room filled with products that the young woman did not pay. In fact, she saves money on the purchase of her clothes, excluding luxury, since she receives them thanks to her activity as an influencer. “90% of my wardrobe are investments because I wear the investments that are sent to me“, she asserted.

The France 2 report was intended to highlight the practices of influencers which are not always correct. Some products are sometimes counterfeit, sold much more expensive and others are defective. If she thought she had to talk about her daily life in front of the cameras of the channel, Milla Jasmine was very surprised. After showing his villa, the journalist wanted to talk to him about one of his product placements for a site that sells counterfeit luxury brands. “So me, I don’t do that, even if I buy real I’m not going to offer falsh to my community… already, it’s illegal…“, she first said, not knowing that a video of her promoting this site was going to be shown to her. Thus, she specifies that she had never worked with them before retracting when the journalist shows her the proof that this is the case. Not knowing how to react, Milla Jasmine simply threw the ball back to the one for whom she works and who provides her with her contracts, Magali Berdah. “So I don’t know, it was Magali who sent it to me“, said the candidate of reality tv.

Milla Jasmine: why did she amuse Internet users a lot?

This report was eagerly awaited since the practices of influencers have been criticized for several months. Internet users were therefore in front of their television but also on social networks, ready to comment on the smallest details. However, it was Milla Jasmine’s presentation that made them laugh a lot. First, the reporter revealed that her name is actually Mary Germain. Subsequently, it was the voiceover who made fun of the young woman by saying that she has the “face and body sculpted by the scalpel”. Words that did not go unnoticed. “Mary Germain! I thought I was choking”, “But she was trapped or how is it?or The report is there to bury them clearly“, we could read on the hashtag of the show. For her part, Milla Jasmine spoke on her Instagram account, claiming to have been trapped by the production.

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