Futuristic action-survival game Forever Skies unveils its airship

In production for more than 2 years by a team of around twenty people, Forever Skies takes place on an Earth devastated by a global ecological disaster that has spared no one. Except a solitary scientist who was lucky enough to stay in space during the disaster in question and can therefore take full measure of the situation. In this game’s world of action, exploration and first-person survival, the last remnants of civilization loom above the layer of toxic clouds that obscures sight of the surface.

It is therefore a question of keeping the height, hence the central role of a futuristic airship which will be at the same time a mode of transport, a shelter, a laboratory and a workshop for the surviving scientist. It is in particular to improve this aircraft that it will be necessary to obtain resources, even if it means venturing under the toxic layer and confronting the mutant creatures which have developed there. There will be no other way to understand how the planet could have come to this.

Forever Skies will feature exploration phases aboard your airship or on the ground, crafting items, base building, gardening, combat and virology research to discover a cure for the few survivors in orbit“, adds the press release. The game will debut this year on Steam in early access. First playable only in single player, it will have a cooperative mode shortly after. Forever Skies will also be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series thereafter with all updates released on PC.

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