Gabby Petito’s boyfriend already watched before his escape


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The fate of Gabby Petito, who went missing and then found lifeless in a Wyoming national park, has moved all of America. Her boyfriend, the main suspect and on the run, was reportedly placed under police surveillance before his disappearance.

A story that has shaken Americans for several weeks. Gabby Petito, a 22-year-old influencer, was found lifeless in Wyoming National Park on September 19. Reported missing by her parents eight days earlier, the young woman had gone on a road trip with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. Much to the astonishment of investigators, the 23-year-old American returned to Florida alone behind the wheel of their van on September 1. An element that obviously did not work in his favor. Immediately became a potential suspect, the victim’s companion was immediately placed under police surveillance according to BFMTV. But no one would have believed that this one would suddenly flee …

Gabby Petito’s autopsy is categorical: it is a homicide. Not ruling out the possibility, the Florida police spokesman confessed on CNN, this Thursday, October 7, that Brian Laundrie was “under the supervision of the agents” before his sudden disappearance. The young man’s flight further heightened suspicions against him. The City police unfortunately did not have time to question the suspect, who had disappeared before she rang the doorbell. Although the victim’s companion is presumed innocent, a federal arrest warrant has been issued against him. The reason ? The 23-year-old American used the influencer’s credit card a few days after her disappearance. Another questionable element in this matter.

Recurring disputes and witnesses

Engaged, the young couple lived a tumultuous love affair. Just a month before her disappearance, Gabby Petito had a heated argument with Brian Laundrie. The police had also intervened to calm tensions between the two Americans. A video of the scene was then posted on the Web, which went viral. At that time, officers only advised the couple to go their separate ways for the night, without intervening. A fatal error? Days later, on August 27, staff at a restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming, witnessed yet another argument between the two young adults. But no additional details were disclosed by those present on site. Anyway, Brian Laundrie is hotly wanted by the FBI, associated with the police force of North Port, city of Florida where the couple lived. Many agents are deployed to hope to find the main suspect.

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