Gabriel Attal: the commitment to reduce taxes of 2 billion euros for households “will be kept”

Europe 1 with AFP

Gabriel Attal assured Thursday on BFMTV that Emmanuel Macron’s commitment to a tax cut of two billion euros for households “will be kept”, but conditional on an equivalent saving measure, while the executive aligns savings measures in the face of a deterioration in the budgetary situation.

“We will be able to keep the commitment by financing it. That means by putting, in front of the two billion, for example a targeted economy that we are making to be able to make this reduction”. But “it is a commitment from the President of the Republic, it will be kept,” said the Prime Minister. On January 16, Emmanuel Macron declared that this tax cut, planned since 2023, would be implemented in 2025.

20 billion savings in 2024

“We have also started work on reducing employer contributions and employee contributions, because we want working French people, the middle classes in particular, to be able to earn more. This can also be part of this project” , added Gabriel Attal on Thursday.

The head of government, however, did not wish to detail the second package of 10 billion in savings that the executive intends to find from 2024. In total, he plans to make 20 billion in savings this year and at least as much next year. next.

“Like every year, the budget for the following year, when is it defined? Between June and September. (…) So it is in this calendar that we will make our choices,” explained Gabriel Attal. “I am not going to tell you that we are going to start increasing taxes after having lowered them. That is not our logic at all. That is not what we will do,” insisted the Prime Minister.

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