Gabriel Matzneff accused of rape of a minor by a new woman, the prosecution opens an investigation

Following new accusations against him, a second investigation into rape of a minor targeting the writer Gabriel Matzneff was opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office, the latter announced to Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Thursday, November 23, confirming information from RMC.

A woman in her fifties accuses the writer of having raped her several times between the ages of 4 and 13 and asked the Paris prosecutor’s office in October to interview her, in particular to warn about other children victims, according to her, of Mr. Matzneff. The investigations were entrusted on October 23 to the Minors Office (Ofmin).

“The applicant will therefore be heard, in order to be able to clarify the alleged facts”the prosecution said on Thursday. “The investigations will focus on their characterization and [leur] qualification only on the limitation periods with regard to their seniority”the alleged facts dating back to ” several decades “he clarified.

The first investigation, opened in January 2020 after the publication of the book The consent, by Vanessa Springora, and which now brings together the “statements from several victims”is currently being analyzed by the Paris juvenile prosecutor’s office.

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These investigations, which are close to being closed, according to a source close to the case, should end with no further action being taken, the facts which could have been the subject of proceedings against Mr. Matzneff being time-barred. In this context, the advice of Bérénice (the first name has been changed because she wishes to maintain her anonymity), adopted daughter of a ” intimate friend “ of Gabriel Matzneff, wrote on October 10 to the public prosecutor’s office to request “the complaint hearing” of their client so that she can be heard, file a complaint and provide the new elements that they have been able to collect in eighteen months of work.

Contacted by AFP, Emmanuel Pierrat, lawyer for the writer, now 87 years old, did not wish to comment on the news.

His “accomplice” adoptive father

According to the letter, revealed by RMC and to which AFP had access, Bérénice has been able, since the installation of her adoptive parents in an nursing home in September 2020, to find numerous documents “concealed” at their home: correspondence between the adoptive father and Gabriel Matzneff, personal and professional diaries… Their “discovery (…) allowed her to put into words memories and traumatic experiences that had until then been silently noisy”explain his lawyers.

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Bérénice also hired “a dialogue with his adoptive father”, now dead. In their recorded exchanges, his father “testifies and confesses to facts of which he himself and certain of his friends, including Gabriel Matzneff, were the authors”, says the letter. Bérénice accuses her adoptive father, who was a doctor, of having been ” partner in crime “ by drugging her before being raped by Gabriel Matzneff as well as having raped her himself, according to Mr. Costantino. “These are elements corroborated by his older brother” in a declaratory letter, insists the lawyer.

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Furthermore, a letter consulted by AFP establishes a link between the Springora family and that of Bérénice: in July 1986, Vanessa Springora’s mother wrote to Bérénice’s adoptive father so that he could examine his daughter in his capacity as a doctor.

Other facts for which the statute of limitations has not yet been established

The rapes denounced by Bérénice were allegedly committed in Paris, in a context of “social circles of influence, within which some of their members shared a certain idea of ​​pedophilia or even shared a certain practice of it”, accuses the courier. More precisely, at the family home – the former private mansion of the Princess of Salm – where Gabriel Matzneff was “very regularly received”in an apartment on rue de Varenne and in a room at the Pont-Royal hotel, in 7e borough.

If these facts are a priori prescribed, Bérénice was also “the eyewitness of sexual abuse, rapes committed by Gabriel Matzneff and others on three children, also adopted by families from the same background” and whose prescription has not yet been established, Mr. Costantino told AFP. Bérénice is also concerned that children could still be today ” in touch “ with Gabriel Matzneff, in particular a minor under 15 years old, whose father is close to the writer, according to her.

In the first investigation, the statements of “several victims” were brought together, said the prosecution. The Paris juvenile prosecutor’s office is currently analyzing the investigation, which has been completed, “in order to investigate whether any elements would have made it possible to interrupt the limitation period of the facts denounced”.

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