Gaby Baginsky: Her mother is desperate because of the isolation in the old people's home

Dramatic words by Gaby Baginsky (66, "Simply the best"): The pop singer is currently massively worried about her mother Berta (92), who lives in an old people's home in Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia. As she told the "Bild" newspaper in an interview, she hadn't been able to have physical contact for three months because of the corona measures. With fatal consequences: her mother wanted to jump out of the window out of despair. Fortunately, someone saw it and informed the police.

Most recently, Baginsky visited her mother on the home premises, they talked to each other over the phone with the window open. Her mother is hearing impaired, there is no other way: "Mom just cried – and so did I! She has already lost 20 kilos. I'm afraid that she won't survive the next day." The loneliness robbed her mother of her courage to live, she did not understand the situation and just wanted to hug her daughter: "But we are not allowed to do that, even in protective clothing."