Gad Elmaleh was sick with Covid-19 with "very painful symptoms": Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Sunday May 31, 2020, host Thomas Sotto welcomed comedian Gad Elmaleh, in 8 p.m. Sunday sure France 2. The 49-year-old actor said he found some work during the confinement: "I found another form of travel and dreaming and introspection and research. I'm fine, I didn't get bored during confinement " he said. The former companion of Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, however, did not have a rest period, since he found himself infected with Covid-19: "It's very delicate, when I say that, I think to those who lost their lives and to the thousands of bereaved familiesI think about that first, before anything else"he said modestly.

Gad Elmaleh had very painful symptoms when he fell ill with Covid-19

He then returned to his own experience: "I got it, vswas a painful episode that upset me."The actor found himself in a state between "asymptomatic and [tragic] cases". He felt "very painful, very complicated symptoms", who seem to have worried him. With gratitude, he addressed his thanks to the staff of the "Saint-Antoine Hospital Emergencies". Despite the closing of theaters and performance halls, Gad Elmaleh hopes to quickly resume the pleasure of playing. "With no prospect of recovery, I'm starting to fade. I have less desire to write. I miss the audience", he said in April, to our colleagues from Paris Match.

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