Gafam earned $3.9 trillion in capitalization in 2023 (Stocklytics) – 12/28/2023 at 1:23 p.m.

(AOF) – The five Gafams added $3.9 trillion to the value of their shares in 2023, the highest figure in the history of the market. This is what the specialized research company Stocklytics announces, pointing out that the five giants had lost hundreds of billions of dollars in 2022, which was the third most difficult year for the technology sector since 2008.

Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon and Meta saw their combined capitalization surpass $10 trillion thanks to the rise of AI, combined with an improving economy and slowing inflation

After losing two-thirds of its market value in 2022, Meta saw its capitalization jump 188% in 2023, the largest increase among the five tech giants. In December 2022, Meta weighed $315.5 billion on the stock market, and the group now exceeds $908 billion.

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