Gal Gadot: That is what “Wonder Woman” says about the conflict in Israel

Gal Gadot
This is what “Wonder Woman” says about the conflict in Israel

Gal Gadot was born in Petach Tikwa, Israel.

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The current conflict in Israel is “heartbreaking” for Gal Gadot. She “pray for better days” in her home country, wrote the star on Instagram.

The escalating conflict in their homeland Israel breaks Gal Gadot (36, “Wonder Woman”) heart. In the social networks she shared a concerned and reconciling message with her followers on Wednesday (May 12). “I pray for better days,” wrote the pregnant actress.

“My country is at war”

“My country is at war” reads Gadot’s account in white letters on a black background. “I care about my family [und] my friends. I worry about my compatriots. “The 36-year-old described the re-emerging conflict between Israelis and Palestinians as a” diabolical cycle that has been going on for far too long “. The Holy Land deserves” to exist as a free and secure nation “, just like “our neighbors,” wrote the Hollywood star conciliatory.

Gadot, who is currently expecting her third child with her husband Yaron Versano (46), said she was praying “for the victims and their families” – and that “this unimaginable hostility will end”. “I pray that our leaders will find a solution so that we can live side by side in peace.”

Gal Gadot served in the Israeli military

The “Wonder Woman” actress, who was named Miss Israel in 2004, was born in 1985 in the Israeli city of Petach Tikwa. Today she lives with her family in Los Angeles. Before her career took off, she served in the Israeli military for two years.