GALA Fashion Director Marcus Luft: “That’s why I love dress codes at weddings”

GALA Fashion Director Marcus Luft
“That’s why I love dress codes at weddings”

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In our wedding column, GALA Fashion Director Marcus Luft finds clear words on the subject of the dress code and explains why every wedding should have one. He also gives tips for all those who don’t know what to do with the dress code.

When I got married four years ago, my friends and family got excited. The reason was the dress codes I set for our wedding. Ultimately, they thought, as the head of fashion, I will pay very close attention to the outfits of the guests. They were right. And: It’s good that I only found out about this emotional turbulence afterwards.

Marcus Luft: “A dress code gives security”

I’m a huge fan of dress codes at any type of event. They provide security because one thing is clear: as a guest, you have to adhere to it. I learned this many years ago in Florence at the birthday celebrations of the Pucci fashion dynasty in a palazzo. In my dark suit with a casually tied tie, I would have loved to crawl under the table illuminated by chandeliers. “Black Tie is called Black Tie”, said smugly a colleague who – like all the other men except me – wore a tuxedo of course.

Since then, I’ve been sticking to dress codes or listening to James Ferragamo, the grandson of the famous shoe designer Salvatore, who once told me:

“It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.”

“You shouldn’t wear ‘anything’ at weddings”

This also applies to a wedding. I don’t believe in wearing “anything” on this day. It is not for nothing that people speak of the “most beautiful day in the life of the bride and groom” and on such an event you should make a little more effort than on a normal “beautiful day” in life”.

“There were three dress codes at our wedding”

Especially nice hosts (like us) exert subtle pressure, giving a direction that leaves supposed freedom. We had “Be easy” on the get-together evening, “Be chic & sexy” at the main party and “Be whatever” at the hangover breakfast.

All three dress codes are listed on the invitation: "Be Easy", "Be chic & sexy" as "Be whatever"

All three dress codes are listed on the invitation: “Be Easy”, “Be Chic & Sexy” and “Be Whatever”

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Sure: The whole thing becomes challenging if you don’t “feel” the motto of a wedding when you first look at the invitation.

This is how the styling works, even if you don’t feel the dress code

What do you wear to a boho party if you have absolutely nothing of a hippie? Here everyone can play with details and make the topic their own. It’s not about dressing up, but about fulfilling the wishes of the bride and groom in your very own way. If you still don’t know how to style yourself, you should ask friends who know about fashion.

Before every wedding, I am also asked what I should wear. And now I love this job so much that I am already thinking of offering a wedding outfit service if GALA no longer runs so smoothly.

By the way, our wedding guests looked fantastic. And the outfit stress BEFORE the party disappeared at the latest when we all just looked great in the photos. It was worth it for everyone!