Gala Podcast Glossip :: There really is something to these hair myths

"WHAT ?! You dye your hair even though you are pregnant ?!" Well, do you also know such sentences? We asked an expert to enlighten us on the most common hair myths.

How often should i wash my hair? Is dyeing allowed during pregnancy? And does hair loss really have anything to do with the seasons? Alexander von Trentini brings light into the darkness: In a new episode of the GALA beauty podcast GLOSSIP, the star hairstylist talks about the most widespread hair myths.

Hair myths: that's what an expert says

Basically every woman has to know what she's doing with her body and how she feels, according to the star hairstylist. If you want to do without coloring during pregnancy, you can, for example, fall back on strands. Nevertheless, there is ammonia in hair colors, i.e. there is chemistry.

Alexander von Trentini: Hair loss can result from stress

And why do we suffer from hair loss? Always different, says Alexander von Trentini. What is certain, however, is that stress has a major impact on our hair and can be the trigger for sudden hair loss.

How often we should wash our hair per week and whether it is true that every person has a maximum hair length, you will hear in a new episode GLOSSIP.