Galaxy S23: Samsung eliminates a weakness of the top cell phone

With the Galaxy S23, Samsung wants to reverse a wrong decision made by the Galaxy S22. (Image source: GIGA)

In a few months, Samsung will present a new top cell phone with the Galaxy S23, which is said to be very similar to the Galaxy S22. Samsung now wants to correct a big mistake that the company made with the current generation – at least something.


Samsung Galaxy S23 should get a larger battery

The battery capacity of Samsung’s top smartphones varies from year to year. The capacity increases in a year, which has a positive effect on the battery life and makes customers happy. Then there are vintages like the Galaxy S22, where the capacity inexplicably decreases compared to its predecessor and the runtime accordingly. This in turn results in a borderline battery life, as we noted in the Galaxy S22 test. The Galaxy S23 is said to be another step in the right direction. Of the The battery is said to increase to 3,900 mAh (Source: The Elec). That would be 200 mAh more than the Galaxy S22.

The same should also apply to the Galaxy S23 Plus. There, too, the battery should increase in capacity by around 5 percent and grow to 4,700 mAh. As with the Galaxy S23, that would still be less than you got with the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus, but noticeably more than with the Galaxy S22 models. With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, on the other hand, nothing should change. The battery was always 5,000 mAh in the predecessors. This is enough to achieve a very good battery life. But especially with the normal Galaxy S23, it would mean that you wouldn’t have to worry about the battery at least for a day.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 fits perfectly:

Samsung smartphones with more efficient processors

The new processor generation should also have a positive influence on the battery life of the Galaxy S23 smartphones. This becomes much more efficient and should not get as warm and consume correspondingly less energy. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 but also Samsung’s Exnos processor are almost certainly used. So Samsung doesn’t want to completely do without its own processor.

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