Galaxy S23 Ultra: the smartphone is already unboxed on video a week before its launch

Panic at Samsung, its Galaxy S23 have already landed in the hands of some customers even before the official launch, and we were therefore treated to a few unboxings on social networks, including one in video.

Credit: @edwards_uh

While the official presentation of the Galaxy S23 is scheduled for a week from now, the 1er February 2023, smartphones have already been offered for sale at select retailers. In Nicaragua in particular, a user by the name of @edwards_uh on Twitter was able to get his hands on a Galaxy S23 Ultra, and did not hesitate to unbox it on video.

As you can see, Samsung will change the design of its box for this new generation. Rather than a large “S22” with the name of the smartphone as on previous models, the packaging of the S23 now displays the design of the device it contains. Again this year, Samsung ignores the charger, it will have to be purchased separately. Moreover, we remind you that we learned that the S23 would only be compatible with 10 W wireless charging, down from the previous generation.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra looks a lot like the Galaxy S22 Ultra

When @edwards_uh takes the smartphone out of the box, we immediately notice that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is very similar to the previous model, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It will therefore be difficult to tell the difference between the two devices at first glance, but Samsung has still made small changes.

First of all, it can be noted that the rear cameras are now a bit biggerbut above all better delimited by silver borders around each sensor. At the screen level, Samsung also opts for a slightly flatter design, which limits the curvature of the panel on the side. The smartphone will therefore perhaps be less pleasant in the hand, but it should appeal to those who do not really appreciate too curved screens.

@edwards_uh also posted some snaps straight out of the smartphone. We observe that Samsung has greatly improved the quality of its zoom. A snapshot captured at 30X will now be about the same quality as a snapshot captured at 20X on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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