Game news A top series and a week of free trial: the Fallout saga has achieved the perfect combo, one of the most criticized games has reached its peak of players

Game news A top series and a week of free trial: the Fallout saga has achieved the perfect combo, one of the most criticized games has reached its peak of players

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After the spectacular success of the Fallout television series, it’s up to games to show that they can break records. On Steam, the number of players connected simultaneously has exploded. Old records have been broken, players are returning to one of the least favorite Fallouts.

Bethesda must be in heaven these last few days. Series fallout is a success and the games are not left out! The latest, Fallout 76, sees its number of simultaneous players explode on Steam. But not only : Fallout 4 or Fallout New Vegas were largely revived. On top of that, the free week on Fallout 76 allows all players to connect without having to pay anything! Not to mention the discounts that come with it, the studio intends to use the success of the series wisely.

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Fallout more than doubled its concurrent player count on Steam with the release of the Fallout television series.

Skyrocketing players

Let’s start with Fallout New Vegas, undoubtedly the episode most appreciated by the community. Everything was perfect according to the fans, who still haven’t given up on the opus released in 2010. Obsidian Entertainmentthe development studio, can be proud. The number of players, stuck at a few thousand for years, has exceeded 20,000 connected simultaneously in recent days. A well-deserved comeback for this opus with its iconic introduction.

Fallout 4, released in 2015, is the game that has seen its number of players rise the highest in recent days. This obviously did not beat his record (to the tune of 471,955). The opus stagnated around 20,000 players, when suddenly, a peak of almost 80,000 appeared thanks to the series. A particularly high increase which pleases the fans.

Fallout 76the most recent in the saga, was heavily criticized when it was released in 2018. The old record was almost 33,000 players in May 2020. We rose to 39,434 this past April 14. A good step forward, which could continue to rise in the coming days.

Why did it explode?

Of course, the TV series has nothing to do with it. But Bethesda did not sit idly by. Several offers are in progress right now! In particular the standard edition of Fallout 76 which is 80% off, or even Fallout 4 which is only 5 euros until April 19, 2024. In addition, the 2018 opus seems to be Bethesda’s little darling, since the studio grants completely free connection time to the MMO for players who do not didn’t buy the game! This time varies depending on your support:

  • Xbox (April 9 – April 19)
  • PlayStation (April 10 – April 24)
  • Steam (April 11 – April 19)

This type of project which plays on several tables could well become more frequent over time. Here we see the potential of transmedia projects with just a single season of a single video game saga. Who knows what the future holds? Well, it’s not like it’s the first time, is it? Cyberpunk or The Last of Us have already tried this process and it worked wonderfully too.

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