Game News Anger among players, this patch to improve this video game does the opposite…

Game news Anger among players, this patch to improve this video game does the opposite…

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launched a patch to correct its numerous technical problems. Concern ? It seems like this update only made things worse

A patch that did not have the expected effect… and even the opposite effect!

THE latest patch of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was, like any update, supposed to correct problems. Except it seems to have had the opposite effect! As you can imagine, many players are very frustrated by the situation. Indeed, Rocksteady, the game developer, had promised to tackle various bugs and implement server-side improvements, but according to player feedback, the situation has gotten worse. Reports on forums and social networks testify to Recurring issues like crashes, progress freezes, and disconnections. The concern seems to affect both PC and console gamers.

Crashes, progress bugs, disconnections…

The game had already had a complicated start, with bugs from its launch and servers regularly offline. Despite Rocksteady’s attempts at compensation, notably with in-game gifts for Deluxe Edition owners, Suicide Squad is struggling to get back on its feet. The recent update, instead of improving the gaming experience, seems to have exacerbated technical problems. So much so that some players simply cannot not progressing due to numerous crashes and progression bugs. Likewise, those who are regularly disconnected in the middle of the game cannot really advance in the game.

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Players would like to be able to roam Metropolis

Player feedback expresses growing frustration. Many of them have already decided to put the game aside while waiting for future fixes, when some go so far as to abandon it permanently. Among the most recurring problems, many players cite the Metropolis loading bug, which crashes the game after certain missions. It seems that the endgame part of the game is also subject to many progression issues. Despite the development team’s communication efforts, players are more and more skeptical about the future of the game. For a game that already had struggling to maintain a stable number of players, the situation is all the more worrying. THE attendance figures have dropped significantly since its launch, and the recent update has only made things worse.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

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