Game news Blackpink not only make k-pop, but also a video game and it’s a hit!

Game news Blackpink not only make k-pop, but also a video game and it’s a hit!

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In addition to being an iconic k-pop group, the four members also have a foot in the virtual world with their own video game!

You have surely heard of Blackpink, this k-pop group that has been a sensation since 2016. They have established themselves permanently in the South Korean and international music industry. Their music is considered iconic, and they don’t seem ready to bow out. While many wondered about their separation, as the lifespan of a k-pop group rarely exceeds eight years, the members officially renewed their contract with their record label YG Entertainment. They will thus be able to return to the forefront of the musical scene in the more or less near future.

From now on, their popularity is no longer to be proven, in the music industry…but not only! As surprising as it may seem, the quartet owns a video game. Yes, you read correctly, this production is available on mobile, and is simply called: Blackpink: The Game. This is not the South Korean group’s first collaboration with the world of video games, since they have already organized a virtual fansign (meeting of k-pop idols for a signing) on ​​Zepeto. However, this is indeed the first game dedicated entirely to the four members of the YG Entertainment group.


  • Blackpink: The Game, what is it?
  • Blackpink: Was The Game a great success?
  • What happens to the members of Blackpink?

Blackpink: The Game, what is it?

With a name like that, it’s impossible to go wrong: this is the official Blackpink mobile video game. Released in August 2023, this production is developed by TakeOne Companya company that has already made several games for k-pop groups like BTS and NCT. The player plays with joy and joy the manager of the four young girls, just before they begin their career as a group. He must therefore manage their busy schedule and train them by unlocking dedicated rooms to help them progress in dancing and singing.. Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo will therefore progress in their careers thanks to the player’s dedication. The latter will also be able to play a large number of mini-games, personalize their avatar, meet other players and collect exclusive photocards.

In short, it is a free management game with multiple in-app purchases that allow you to collect photos of Blackpink members and stand out with a different look from other players around the world. A relatively classic mobile game, which is aimed only at fans of the girl group. It is unlikely that a person who is not interested in k-pop or this group will enjoy discovering this title.

Blackpink: Was The Game a great success?

From a point of view completely outside the k-pop sphere, it may be interesting to know if this video game sold well. Blackpink: The Game is a very classic title available on mobile, if we don’t take into consideration its link with the iconic South Korean quartet. It is clear that Blackpink sells, even in the video game industry. Even before the game was released, more than a million fans pre-registered to be the first to experience the title. It is therefore not surprising that six months after its release, many players are still logging in very regularly.

It must be said that communication around this game is bearing fruit! The launch of this mobile title was accompanied by a new song called The Girls, where the four members are represented by their virtual avatars. A YouTube channel was also created for the occasion, featuring the girls to promote this game. Far from being abandoned, a video was posted two weeks ago to celebrate St. Valentine. In short, with a group as popular as Blackpink and a communication strategy that uses major means, the real challenge would have been for the game to go unnoticed!

What happens to the members of Blackpink?

Certainly, the other members have renewed their contracts for their group activities, but this is not the case for their solo career. Now they can stand on their own two feet when it comes to their individual careers. Which is why we often hear about the four members these days. They begin to establish their solo projects, which delights their fans around the world. After making a recent appearance in France, Lisa created her own agency called LLOUD and will begin an acting career with a first role in the series The White Lotus. Jennie and Jisoo also founded their agency, named OA (Odd Atelier) and Blissoo respectively. At the time of writing, Rosé has not yet commented on the creation of her own company to continue her solo activities, but has revealed the extract of a future solo song. In short, 2024 seems to be the year of Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé!

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