Game News Can you die in a more ridiculous way than by stealing a dog’s ball? This is this Baldur’s Gate 3 player’s accidental feat

Game news Can you die in a more ridiculous way than by stealing a dog’s ball? This is this Baldur’s Gate 3 player’s accidental feat

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We know: Baldur’s Gate 3 offers many ways to experience your adventure. But did you know it’s possible to die from stealing a dog’s ball? Unfortunately, this is what this Honor mode player discovered…

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When a game turns into drama

If you’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate 3 since its release last August and still haven’t been able to move on, you may have given up on the whole thing new game mode called “Honor Mode”. Introduced with Patch 5 at the end of November, the latter offers you to repeat your adventure in a much higher difficulty to that which you have been able to experience so far. New boss attacks, new legendary action system and above all single backuphonor mode will ask you to play the entire game without ever dying and without being able to abuse saves to avoid the worst. This is what a player responding to the nickname Renilas on Reddit tried to do, and suffice to say that his game did not last very long.

Me and my friends were in Act 1, about to take a long rest to continue towards the goblin camp. One of my friends throws the Gratouille ball and I collect it to throw it again. It made the WHOLE CAMP hostile. Since we hadn’t raised the level of the other companions, we could have gotten away with it. But there was a tiny problem…

THE PERJURED PALADIN HAS JOINED THE FIGHT. A level 12 PAIN came towards us, killed us all in 4 rounds, and that was it.

In short: don’t steal Gratouille’s ball in Honor Mode!

Whatever you do: don’t take the dog’s ball

If you explored the map during the first act, you probably know Itchy the dog. Once you have adopted him among you, you will be able to caress him and play with him to pass the time a little during your quiet moments at camp. Normally, the camp is a secure place where not much can happen to you. At least that’s what we thought until reading this little story.

If you have fun playing with Gratouille by throwing him the ball, be careful not to take it back from him before he gives it back to you on his own. Reading the comments on Renilas’ Reddit post, it seems clear that this is what pushed the entire camp to turn against his group like John Wick when he lost his puppy. If you’re looking for a challenge, on the other hand, you know what you have to do. Be careful though with the Forsworn Paladin if you have reneged on your oath, he might give you a serious spanking.

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