Game news Despite Blizzard’s patch, this little-appreciated modification of Hearthstone wastes a lot of time!

Game news Despite Blizzard’s patch, this little-appreciated change to Hearthstone wastes a lot of time!

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The quests in Hearthstone are as useful as they are restrictive for our evolution in the game. Although the developers have tried to revisit this operation, the central problem is still present and undermines casual players.

Quests in Hearthstone… Our best enemies!

In HearthStone, quests are necessary to effectively level up in the Battle Pass; cards, packets, portraits, and even gold can be recovered. These small daily and weekly missions are a godsend for quickly gaining experience to achieve these attractive rewards, except that they are not always easy to complete..

The quests can fit perfectly with our deck, except that this scenario does not fall systematically. When we have an up-to-date and, above all, viable War deck for the current meta, we can easily complete the quest which requires using 100 minions with “War Cry”. Unfortunately, not all players play the game daily and do not necessarily create decks with “War Cry”, “Death Rattle” cards or even with the new legendary card given as part of an event (Hello Mystifix!). Finally, daily and weekly missions force us to play other decks or buy packs to benefit from an acceptable amount of experience.

While we could simply enjoy experimenting with the decks we want to learn to play and progressing quietly in the Battle Pass, we are often forced to advance on classes and decks that don’t really interest us. and at full speed. If you are a Hearthstone player, you will know thatit is complicated to compose a viable and above all complete deck to compete with the meta of the moment. It takes some investment to progress with ease.

While we would like to choose our quests, but above all to have a more fun way to gain experience, we are forced to bend to the will of developers who do not always correspond to current trends or certain player profiles.

Luckily, the developers seem to have been aware of this issue, but did not understand the root of the problem and made adjustments that angered players.

A desire to constrain casual players?

If you have not yet consulted the Hearthstone patch 29.2.1here is for you a quick debrief of the changes that have been made to the quest system:

  • Use your Hero Power 30 times (instead of 40)
  • Play Battlecry cards 75 times (instead of 100)
  • Play Miniaturization or Mini cards 32 times (instead of 60)
  • Win Arena, Arena, or Battleground matches 10 times (was 15)
  • Win 10 Ranked Hearthstone matches (instead of 15)
  • Deal 400 damage to opposing heroes (not changed in this patch)
  • Spend 750 mana (not changed this patch)
  • XP awarded from weekly quests does not change from the new higher amount

You will no doubt have understood this; the concern lies in the experience obtained. Quests remain restrictive and do not provide more interesting rewards. In the Comments section of the patch note, players are seeing red, to the point that some are indicating that it is better to leave the game as the demands are high for casual players.

If you can’t win ten games a week, you should play other games instead.

You should know that casual players do not necessarily buy packages with real money. In most cases, they take advantage of the coins collected in the Battle Pass to try to obtain all the cards necessary to compose a deck, or even two (if they are lucky) from the game’s free store.

It’s not acceptable ! A 100% increase in difficulty for only 20% more reward? You are crazy ?

Hoping that the developers react quickly and review this quest system as quickly as possible to prevent casual players from experiencing this increase in requirements. These quests should target free-to-play players and not the players who can afford to invest so much money to obtain the latest expansion packs or even Mini-sets.

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