Game news Fans of this video game hate the battlepass and are letting it be known, despite the developers’ explanations…

Game news Fans of this video game hate the battlepass and let it be known, despite the developers’ explanations…

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Tekken 8 was still very high in last year’s rankings for the most anticipated games of 2024. However, three months after its release, the game suffered a wave of hatred which caused it to drop to 53% positive evaluations on Steam!

Since its release on January 26, 2024, Tekken 8 is everywhere. All fighting game lovers play it, whether on consoles or PC, it seems like nothing can stop it. Now that a few months have passed and people are playing this new opus, the enthusiasm for the launch has died down and the weaknesses are becoming more and more felt. This is evidenced by the various reviews from players.

An update that changes everything… or nothing

The latest patch of Tekken 8 is not unanimous. Indeed, many players are expecting upgrades from the latest opus in the saga, on several points. Most talk, for example, about character balancing, which leaves something to be desired. Some characters are clearly too strong, while others are clearly too weak.

The online mode is also in the spotlight, or rather, slander. He suffers from a major scourge of video games: rage quits. This action of leaving a game that you are losing has existed for a long time in online games, but is not always as easy to manage as you think. That said, if it’s not managed at all, that’s another story. Leaving a game on Tekken 8is absolutely not a problem : Bandai Namco’s game considers the game simply canceled. Players are frustrated because voluntary abandonment is not punished, which makes rising in rank much more complex for the most competitive. This causes general incomprehension, in addition to not really making you want to play a few games online…

The latest update was eagerly awaited to resolve this ranked game problem. But a new problem has arrived, without necessarily taking care of the old one. Since the last patch, Tekken 8 has a 53% positive rating out of around 3,300 reviews. The cause: a new store that has been opened! It is now possible to purchase a Battle Pass filled with cosmetics and customization items dating for a few of Tekken 7.

Tekken 8 sees red because of the store

It’s a general surprise: a new store has emerged in the game and includes microtransactions, in addition to a $6 battle pass. No communication was made about this feature beforehand and fans are not being blunt with the criticism. Most, obviously, are disappointed. The studio explains that the goal is to raise funds in order to continue improving the game. Indeed, the company claims that the money collected via this new system will be directly returned to the budget of this eighth main opus. The arrival of Eddy, a purchasable character, has created some additional problems and these worries will be their priority, but after earning enough money to take care of them.

Among the problems other than those mentioned above, people who have not purchased the BP are naturally unable to play the character, but this is the case in training mode too. Very sad news, which does not come alone. If you are unfortunate enough to come up against this character, which you did not purchase since it is paid content, you simply will not be able to see the replay of your match online! This contains DLC, so no purchase, no replay. And speaking of purchasing, this famous $6 battle pass requires players to purchase the $10 pack. You must use a transition currency to obtain this functionality, but purchases of this currency are up to 5 or 10 dollars for the smallest amounts.

This pass costs 600 Tekken coins, so around 6 dollars. These coins are only sold in batches of 500, at a rate of one euro for 100 coins. It is impossible to purchase the equivalent of 6 euros in Tekken coins, forcing players to purchase 10 euros worth of Tekken coins. So they spend more than they would like.

A Battle Pass that does not seem to appeal to players. It seems that very few people are happy with its content. Where some players only see customization and are not particularly excited, others see models and accessories that are very basic or even bad, or that were already in old games. Except they were free at the time. Bandai Namco is considered greedy, miserly or even too greedy, insults are flying on the internet. The reputation of the game seems to be taking a big hit.

VERY DISAPPOINTED I wasn’t expecting the BATTLEPASS a few months after the release which offers you skins that are a little more drinkable than those included in the base game obviously, to play on the frustration of the players (this good old sickening commercial practice which bothers me on the system), as if the game wasn’t expensive enough as it is, personal DLC at 8€ serves a good graphic redesign but takes a burst of big feet in automatic mode, these are a bit boring and not very uninteresting gameplay-wise. In short, I encourage the boycott of the battlepass to see the game for the bravest

Battle pass with accessories from Tekken 7 that should have been in the game from the start, costumes from old games purchasable when they should have been in the game from the start. Imagine paying 80 dollars for a game that has season passes, costumes for 5 euros each and now battle passes for 10 euros? We are accepting that a paid game makes us pay like a free game…

The future of Tekken 8 is not yet decided, To see if the developers and publishers react to player complaints.

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