Game News “It was a mistake”, this streamer didn’t expect that! He lets his viewers control the characters of Skyrim and it goes very wrong…

Game news “It was a mistake”, this streamer didn’t expect that! He lets his viewers control the characters of Skyrim and it goes very wrong…

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By broadcasting his game of Skyrim, this streamer allows his viewers to write dialogues which are then read by the characters of the game. And obviously, this quickly went very wrong, but you have no idea to what extent.

Streamer Blurbs had a genius idea… which quickly turned into a nightmare. Being a former software developer, he put together a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that was absolutely impressive. Using messages posted in the chat, viewers can create non-player characters, NPCs, by choosing a short introductory message and how to pronounce it.

All this is made possible thanks to text-to-speech software which allows text to be read by a pre-recorded voice.. Obviously, to prevent the situation from turning into chaos, the functionality is reserved for subscribers to the channel… but that did not prevent the abuses.

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When viewers take control of Skyrim

Without too many surprises, viewers quickly took advantage of the tool to make these non-player characters say the most stupid and absurd things possible, just to make the streamer laugh. For example, some warn in advance that they are going to fall… even though they have just fallen, just to give you an idea of ​​what they are capable of saying.

But one of the most striking moments of the extract that you can see below is above all an improbable meeting with a little girl. The latter is delighted to come across the player because she wants… to devour his flesh and take a bath in his blood. Even more disturbing words in the mouth of a little girl, especially said in a happy tone. But this was all just the beginning for poor Blurbs.

“It was all a mistake.”

As you can hear in the excerpt above, the majority of non-player characters mainly make explicit comments which all revolve around the same theme. Most of them explain in a very calm tone that they have kilos of this or that object in one of their orifices (we’ll let you guess which one). In an overwhelming majority, most messages posted by viewers in the chat revolve around sexuality or make jokes about itwhich is not necessarily the thing best viewed by Twitch.

Obviously, Blurbs uses moderation to prevent the worst messages containing insulting or serious comments from being read, but overall it can’t stop all messages from being read, which is what brings it to this point. So, as Blurbs concludes at the end of the excerpt posted on Twitter: “it was all a mistake”.

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