Game news “It’s really cool”, one of the creators of Mario praises this incredible feat of players!

Game news “It’s really cool”, one of the creators of Mario praises this incredible feat of players!

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The Nintendo 3DS and Wii U services breathed their last on April 8. The communities of the various games on the platform then came together to thank these legendary consoles. The movement reached the ears of a Nintendo figure, even taking the liberty of sending them a message!

Before the 3DS and Wii U servers shut down on April 8, the Super Mario Maker community embarked on a race against time to accomplish a major feat: complete all available levels. Despite the difficulty of the challenge, the players managed to complete the challenge brilliantly. Under the banner of Team 0%, they joined forces to complete this ambitious undertaking, demonstrating their passion and determination. Legendary Nintendo developer Takashi Tezuka sent a positive message to this community.

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A reward worthy of the challenge!

The culmination of this epic quest was reached on April 6, 2024, when Team 0% finally managed to defeat the final level. Although the developers did not seem to be aware of this move, legendary Nintendo developer Takashi Tezuka praised the feat. In an interview with Ars Technica, the face of major Mario titles since 1985 spoke enthusiastically about this dedicated community, saying: “I’m very happy that there is this community that spent so much time playing and creating these levels. It’s actually pretty cool“. These words of encouragement from an emblematic icon of the Japanese firm were warmly received by members of the community, thus reinforcing their feeling of belonging to the history of the Mario franchise.

Takashi Tezuka officially recognizes Team 0% via interview with @arstechnica

“Trimming the Herbs” the ultimate challenge

Among the many levels that constituted this colossal challenge, “Trimming the Herbs” stood out as a real nightmare. Initially conceived in 2017 for a tournament aimed at electing the most “unique” and “cool” level, “Trimming the Herbs” has continued to haunt the community seven years later, becoming an indelible part of the history of the game. With more than 100,000 failed attempts, it has become much more than just a challenge: it is a symbol of perseverance and determination! The success of Team 0% in its quest to complete all the levels available on the 3DS and Wii U is not just a simple video game achievement. It’s a great proof of solidarity!

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